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Bread Meats Bread Meets Face

Recently in the UK, there’s been a noticeable surge in the number of restaurants specialising in American-style burgers, hot dogs and barbecued meat. Glasgow, Scotland hasn’t escaped this trend and leading the way is a small place on St Vincent Street called Bread Meats Bread.

We ran in from the persistent drizzle and joined the small queue for tables at this popular eatery. We were immediately hit by a wall of meaty aromas and a hubbub of chatter from the young, trendy patrons. The restaurant is small, so to make best use of the space, a long communal table runs down the centre of the room. We didn’t have to wait too long for a table of our own and we were soon sipping on Irn-Bru and perusing the extensive and calorie-filled menu.

Clearly the management didn’t like the idea of having only one type of beef burger. Three types are on offer with up to four variants of each. There’s also pulled pork and chicken, cheese-steak, gourmet dogs, poutines and grilled cheese sandwiches to name but a few of the dishes on offer. I went for the ‘Smokey Burger’ (pictured), a house-blend beef patty, Swiss cheese, smoked beef brisket, purple slaw and tangy BBQ sauce, while Jade decided upon Pulled Pork served inside a brioche bun. Both were excellently meaty and juicy with loads of flavour. Each ingredient was clearly of a very high quality as we could taste each one with every mouthful. Accompanying our burgers was a portion a caramelised sweet fries, something neither of us knew existed but something we will be seeking out to try again. We love the fusing of savoury potato fries with a sugary coating. It made them extra crunchy and super moreish.

We can only hope Bread Meat Bread have plans to expand and move south of the border so that we can sample their meaty treats more often. The rest of the country deserves to know how good American barbecue cuisine can be.

Head to the Bread Meats Bread website so find out more and to drool over their full menu.

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Testing my studio lights with these beauties

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